GMO Cookies Live Rosin Badder | 1g

“Discover the essence of relaxation and flavor with GMO Cookies Live Rosin Badder by Proper Cannabis. Boasting a potent 73.46% THC, this indica-dominant hybrid concentrate, derived from Chemdog and Girl Scout Cookies, delivers euphoric, relaxed, and sleepy effects. Experience the unique aroma of garlic, pepper, and pungency and savor the garlic-forward, earthy coffee flavor. This solventless, ice water hash-extracted badder, perfect for combating insomnia, OCD, PTSD, and stress, is a testament to the purity and craftsmanship in cannabis concentrate production.

Alien Rock Candy | Proper Cannabis

Embrace the celestial experience of Alien Rock Candy, an indica hybrid from Proper Cannabis, featuring a THC content of 24.65%. This strain, a cross between Sour Dubble and Tahoe Alien, is celebrated for its euphoric, relaxed, and sleepy effects. With a palate of citrus, peach, and sweet flavors, it’s effective in alleviating anxiety, arousal, depression, fatigue, and stress. The strain’s intricate cultivation and processing highlight Proper Cannabis’s commitment to quality, resulting in a product that combines therapeutic efficacy with sensory delight.

Horchata Live Resin Diamonds and Sauce | 1g

Experience the Horchata strain like never before with Proper Cannabis’s Live Resin Diamonds and Sauce on MissouriMJ. With a THC level of 74.24%, savor the unique coffee, earthy, and vanilla flavors. Learn about this high-quality hybrid concentrate, perfect for focused and relaxed enjoyment.

Chem 91 | Proper Cannabis

Proper Cannabis’s Chem 91, a 50/50 hybrid, is a testament to the art of balanced cannabis breeding. This strain, potentially a mix of Chemdog and Skunk, features olive green buds and a pungent aroma of chemical, diesel, and skunk. With a THC level of 19% to 27%, Chem 91 offers euphoric, happy, and talkative effects, making it suitable for social gatherings and creative pursuits. It’s especially effective in relieving stress, pain, and anxiety. The careful cultivation and detailed post-harvest process by Proper Cannabis enhance its flavor and potency, positioning Chem 91 as a versatile and enjoyable strain for a broad spectrum of users.

White Wine | Proper Cannabis

Explore the refined elegance of White Wine by Proper Cannabis, a hybrid strain with a rich lineage of White Tahoe Cookies and Brandywine. This strain, boasting a 25.2% THC level, delivers a symphony of creative, relaxed, and talkative effects. Savor its earthy, fruity, and sweet flavors, ideal for alleviating anxiety, depression, fatigue, and stress. White Wine is a testament to the mastery of hybrid strain cultivation, offering a sophisticated and satisfying cannabis experience.

Alien Rock Candy Live Resin Cartridge | Proper Cannabis

A potent indica vape experience by Proper Cannabis. With 72.87% THC, enjoy the unique blend of sour, sweet, and citrus flavors. Learn about the benefits of live resin in preserving terpenes and flavor, and why this cartridge is a top choice for relaxation and euphoria